Spoken English


Spoken English

Witnessing a huge demand supply gap in the field of English learning in the region of Punjab and neighboring states English world Bathinda has designed English speaking courses for all kind of learners viz. basic, intermediate and advance. English world’s methodology, expertise, commitment and goal result oriented approach has led to the establishment of English world as trainers in language and personality development for students, housewives, professionals, corporate houses, school and college teachers, etc.

In Bathinda city English world has established a big faith among the masses who aspire to join English classes by bringing very wonderful results in the language learning. There are certain golden rules to conduct English speaking classes which English world uses perfectly. Our language mentors are well qualified and aptly trained for all the spoken English courses. Apart from excellent training methodology and expertise, English world has wonderful infrastructure which includes language lab equipped with multimedia devices.

Key Features

  • Effective use of vocabulary (Lexical recourse)
  • Basic English grammar (Practice with speaking activities)
  • Pronunciation (practice with listening sessions in language lab)
  • Picture method (Stunning colourful pictures for speaking practice)
  • Video sessions (to practise grammar, intonation and pronunciation)
  • Interview skills
  • Group discussions
  • Debates (starters)
  • Nuteralisation of accent