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ELITE - Ielts & Immigration – the premier study abroad consultancy, has been set up with the objective of providing prudent and compassionate advice on accessing higher education abroad. Our consultancy aims to coach the many aspirants who seek quality education but are unaware or unsure of all the options available to them. A boutique consultancy firm, ELITE - Ielts & Immigration works with you on an individual basis and helps you draw out unique strengths in your profile to help you achieve your academic goals. Our team of experienced, motivated, and dedicated Advisors and Specialists has helped thousands of students secure admissions to their dream institutions. Our Advisors are well aware of the intricate details involved in applying to different universities all over the world. We focus on every detail of your application to maximize your chances of being accepted at a top international university.

Professional career-focused courses Confidentiality & Privacy: we do not disclose any personal information or expose client records to anyone else except a clients designated person. Document Delivery & Handling: is done through BLUE DART, the fastest and most convenient mode of parcels, documents and small packages delivery.

ELITE - Ielts & Immigration
  • Our Mission Statement

    ELITE - Ielts & Immigration (A Unit of ELITE - Ielts & Immigration) is a dynamic and a growing professional consulting, services firm dedicated to meeting our clients’ rapidly growing, global-education, technology, permanent immigration and business needs world-wide. We operate Bathinda to provide consulting services to our clients all over the Globe namely from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, to name a few. We believe in delivering 100% results in a most efficient and an economical way.

Our Mission

The mission statement of ELITE - Ielts & Immigration is to provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services network for prospective students and each team member strive towards that goal. You as a student are the most important entity at all the ELITE - Ielts & Immigration (A Unit of ELITE - Ielts & Immigration) Offices and there is a tireless effort to help you achieve what you have dreamt of in terms of your educational aspiration.

Why Choose Us

So when you choose ELITE - Ielts & Immigration (A Unit of ELITE - Ielts & Immigration), you actually choose to become an invaluable member of a compassionate and supportive team of individuals who are always there to help you. You become a part of the ELITE - Ielts & Immigration family and your success becomes our success. That is the reason we strive so hard for you to reach your goals become each goal achieved builds a strong ladder of achievements which help us all touch the pinnacle of success and reach for the sky.